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35017 - Interior with Painting #33202-A
Product Code:35017


Zhee Singer Studio streamlines the process for you to make the best selection of a particular work of art prior to its acquisition so that you can have absolute confidence in your selection.

Here is how it works: We send you a photographic representation of the art you select as it would look installed in your design project. By creating a mock visual context photographically, we enable you to see selected art works in varied sizes, colors, tones and hues, enabling you to optimally fine-tune all aspects of your selection before consideration of any acquisition. With this simple and easy process you will know exactly how that work of art will look before its actual placement.


1. Please email us a straight-on photograph of selected locations for placement of art installation.

2. Through our website, email and phone we will go through a preliminary selection process with you.

3. We will email you mock-ups and work with you to refine the project until you are completely satisfied.



 We can work with you in a synergistic partnership to create something new and distinctive for any site-specific project.

 By sending us photographs of interior design elements, textile swatches, carpet samples, color chips or any relevant visual data we will work with you closely and skillfully to develop a uniquely site-specific work of art towards the total optimization of your design project.

We believe in excellence and will work diligently to exceed your expectations.

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